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Don’t carry a lot of cash. Credit cards are widely accepted. If you are traveling from the United States, there is no need to exchange your US currency. The U.S. “dollar” is accepted everywhere.

The cruiseships also provide passengers with an onboard account (see method of pay FAQ). As a result, cash is not exchanged onboard the ship. Friends, you can go on a cruise and not spend a penny (really). All of your food and most of your drinks (noncarbonated beverages) are included in the cost of your cruise as well as entertainment and ministry onboard the ship. You can even prepay for shore excursions (these are optional activities available when you get off the ship). You will be faced with many opportunities to spend extra money like spa services and duty free shopping, but these are “extras” and are not required in order to enjoy your vacation.

We realize that we did not tell you how much money to bring and that was your question, but it truly varies based on your personal financial situation and budgeting, however, we hope that the info we gave you helps you in planning for your trip.