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Europe 2019

You asked for it and we are delivering! Many of you have sailed with us to the Caribbean, Alaska and Bermuda, and are asking for a new destination. We hear you! ...

Passover 2020

Join us on the 2ND ANNUAL PASSOVER AND RESURRECTION CRUISE aboard Royal Caribbean’s state of the art ship, Symphony of the Seas.

Life Onboard (3)

Yes, depending on the ship there are two options for staying connected while onboard.

Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
There will be designated *”Hot Spots” which vary from ship to ship. Some ships have internet access right in the staterooms.

To use the WI-FI access, you’ll need:
A laptop
Windows operating system
802.11b Wireless networking capability

The cost for Wi-Fi access through your own laptop is approximately $.55 per minute (may vary by cruiseline and/or ship) and prepaid packages are also available for a better value: All prices are subject to change without notice.

The Internet Cafe/Workstation
These stations provide access to e-mail and the Internet, plus direct connections to favorite websites for stock, sports and entertainment updates. You can also send virtual postcards while at sea, and in ports-of-call worldwide. If you don’t have an e-mail account, you can also establish one onboard. The prices for using the computer at the internet café are generally the same as that which is offer for WI-FI.

Category: Life Onboard

Yes, you will have a personal safe in your room. Just don’t forget to take out your valuables before you leave when the sailing is over. This happens more often that you would think!

Category: Life Onboard

Many of the ships offer an advanced roaming network, allowing you to make and receive calls, voice mail, text messages and GPRS data using your own mobile phone and telephone number. Availability of service is not guaranteed; it depends on the participation of your home mobile service provider and service permissions.

Rates for usage of your mobile phone are determined by your home carrier and prepaid phone plans are not supported. Other restrictions may apply. For more information, please contact your home carrier customer service. You will be billed by your home carrier for your international roaming usage on your regular mobile phone bill. It can take up to 60 days for charges to appear on your phone bill.

Category: Life Onboard

Medical (5)

Seasickness is rare on larger cruise ships, because they are equipped with stabilizers, which are designed to minimize the feeling of movement. If you should feel queasy, over the counter medicine is available from your stateroom steward or the ship’s doctor. If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to consult your physician prior to travel, because there are several options he or she can discuss with you to help prevent getting seasick.

Category: Medical

Pack enough medication. Refill your medicine prescriptions sufficient for the duration of the cruise. Keep it with you at all times and remember to leave all medication in its original container. It is also a good idea to bring your immunization records and prescription for eye glasses or contacts.

Keep medication close at hand in your purse or carry-on bag. Be sure to bring enough prescription medicine to last throughout your cruise, as it may not be available on board or in some of the countries visited.

Your prescription medication should be kept close at hand in your purse or carry-on bag rather than in your checked luggage. Be sure to bring a sufficient supply of medication and transport it in the original container. It is also a good idea to carry a written list of your medications in case they are lost. The list should include the name of the drug, dosage and times taken. In case of emergency, the cruiseline will assist in filling prescriptions. However, please note that additional charges will apply.

Category: Medical

The cruise lines require all guests with special medical needs to submit this information to them prior to travel. This is to ensure that they have the necessary information to give you the proper care in the event of an emergency. Passengers who carry syringes for medical use must also carry a letter from their physicians indicating this. Please let us know what your needs are so we can best assist you.

Low-fat and vegetarian entrees are often offered at lunch and dinner and you can usually find sugar free desserts at the buffet and in the main dining room. Low-sodium meals, gluten free, and certain other diet-restricted meals can be made available. Dietary requests should be made at the time of booking to ensure that you are appropriately accommodated. Please let us know of your needs so we can help make sure they are adequately met.

Category: Medical

For persons not capable of walking on their own, the use of a wheelchair will be the primary mobility assistance aid for getting on and off the ship. The cruiselines have a limited supply of wheelchairs onboard. In order to accommodate the guests, wheelchairs are reserved exclusively for embarkation and disembarkation situations. If you will require regular use of a wheelchair, we recommend that you bring your own wheelchair with you. You may also make advanced rental arrangements prior to your sailing and have a wheelchair delivered directly to the ship.

For additional details on the prearranged rental program, please contact one of the below companies:
Special Needs at Sea
Phone: 800-513-4515
Fax: 800-513-4516
E-mail: info@specialneedsgroup.com

Phone: 877-478-7827
Fax: 780-986-8332
E-mail: res@carevacations.com

Category: Medical

Each ship has an onboard Medical Center staffed by licensed physicians and nurses. While the ships do not have a full-service hospital onboard, the Medical Center is well equipped to handle most emergencies and routine medical procedures.

A customary fee will be charged for services and medications dispensed (with the exception of meclizine for seasickness, Tylenol® and aspirin, which may also be obtained at the Front Office). If you become ill or injured during the voyage and your diagnostic and/or care needs exceed the capabilities of the medical center, you will be transferred to medical facilities ashore. Please note that Medicare and many health insurance plans DO NOT cover the cost of medical care at sea, in foreign countries, or for air evacuation. Guests are encouraged to obtain travel medical insurance prior to travel in order to be reimbursed for services rendered.

If you have a chronic medical condition, please bring a recent report from your physician. The medical staff on board is not available for daily care, unless you are hospitalized in the Medical Center. You must be able to care for yourself, including dressing, eating and attending the ship’s safety drills. If you are unable to function independently in these areas, you must bring a caregiver with you. Because of the limited medical facilities, infants 6 months or younger at the time the cruise commences and women who will be 24 or more weeks pregnant during the course of their travel are not permitted to participate in the cruise. If you are pregnant, please provide a medical note from your physician stating your expected due date and medical fitness to travel.

Keep medication close at hand in your purse or carry-on bag. Be sure to bring enough prescription medicine to last throughout your cruise, as it may not be available on board or in some of the countries visited.

Category: Medical

Money (3)

All passengers have the opportunity to open up a shipboard account. A cashless society has been implemented and is designed to make your life on board as simple as possible. When you board the ship, your account has already been activated and you may make purchases by simply showing your guest identification card and signing a receipt. On embarkation day, you will need to register your credit or debit card in order to use your onboard account for shipboard purchases. Your card will be pre-authorized for US$40 – $60 per person for each day of your cruise (varies by cruiseline). At the end of your cruise, you will receive a final statement, and your card will be charged only for the actual amount of your purchases. Please inform your credit or debit card issuer in advance that your card will be used on a Holland America Line ship. This will help prevent delays in obtaining pre-authorization on board. Some banks may keep the pre-authorization in place for up to 30 days. If you do not want to use a credit or debit card, the ship will collect a cash deposit from you at time of boarding in the same pre-authorization amount. Any excess deposit will be refunded to you at the end of the cruise. Travelers checks may be cashed at the front office to make your deposit. Personal checks are not accepted onboard.

Category: Money

Some of our sailings include prepaid gratuities, so check to see if this applies to the sailing you have registered for, because you may have already paid for the tips! If gratuities have not been prepaid, they will be charged automatically to your onboard account, and you have the option to reverse these charges if you feel this amount needs to be adjusted.

Categories: Money, Tips

Don’t carry a lot of cash. Credit cards are widely accepted. If you are traveling from the United States, there is no need to exchange your US currency. The U.S. “dollar” is accepted everywhere.

The cruiseships also provide passengers with an onboard account (see method of pay FAQ). As a result, cash is not exchanged onboard the ship. Friends, you can go on a cruise and not spend a penny (really). All of your food and most of your drinks (noncarbonated beverages) are included in the cost of your cruise as well as entertainment and ministry onboard the ship. You can even prepay for shore excursions (these are optional activities available when you get off the ship). You will be faced with many opportunities to spend extra money like spa services and duty free shopping, but these are “extras” and are not required in order to enjoy your vacation.

We realize that we did not tell you how much money to bring and that was your question, but it truly varies based on your personal financial situation and budgeting, however, we hope that the info we gave you helps you in planning for your trip.


Category: Money

On Board Conferences (1)

The first step is to select a date and tell us where you want to go:
You select the date, tell us where you want to go and give us an approximate budget for your group. We will go to work to prepare a proposal for you including the cruiseline and ship recommended for your group along with pricing info, deposit deadlines, and cancellation terms. Please note that we understand that there are fees involved in putting together any retreat or conference. All Christian Cruises gives you a little head start by providing you $25 – $50 per cabin booked (varies depending on the length of the sailing), and many groups will add a conference fee to the selling price or add a dollar amount to price we quote them. When you host a conference or retreat onboard a cruise, you are giving your guests a whole lot more than an ordinary cruise – you are giving them spiritual enrichment and refreshment while and are choosing to do it in one of the most relaxing settings around.
Once you decide you want to move forward we will help you from start to finish in the following way:

All Christian Cruises can provide you with a flyer in the form of a PDF file. It will contain details about your cruise including info about the cruiseship, ports of call, ministry etc and you can make as many copies as you like to distribute to your members and friends.

We will e-mail the file to you for your approval and have multiple shells mailed directly to you, so you can make as many copies as you desire.

Your cruise passengers can call our toll free number and/or register and pay for their cruise online through our website and secure server.

Website Exposure:
Your cruise can be added to All Christian Cruises’ website (www.allchristiancruises.com) identifying the cruise as one that is sponsored by your church with your church name in the title if you desire. Our website is growing. It is very possible that you will obtain additional reservations simply due to our presence on the web. You will still receive $50 per cabin if you are promoting a 7 – 9 day cruise or $25 per cabin for a 3 – 5 day cruise and the additional reservations coming from the website would increase the number of free sailings given to the church. We give you 1 free cabin for every 15 cabins booked (excluding taxes and port charges), so if 20 cabins are booked by your church members and friends, and 10 cabins are booked by those that have found your cruise through our website, you will earn 2 free cabins (excluding taxes and port charges) and $1500 (if it is a 7 sailing). Your church members and friends can get information about your cruise and register online via our website with a url that is customized for you ie: http://www.allchristiancruises.com/nameofyourorganization. This way your church members and friends can go right to the site with all the details describing your cruise, and they can register online through this site as well.

Extra Special Touches:
If your group sails with a minimum of 50 passengers, All Christian Cruises will provide you with custom designed t-shirts to distribute to your guests. Many groups like to take a group photo with the matching shirts. These photos are available by the cruise line for purchase while onboard.

All Christian Cruises will provide your passengers with a confirmation sent via e-mail or through the US postal service if an e-mail address is not provided Mailing Cruise Documents: All Christian Cruises will mail cruise documents to your passengers via express service so they can be easily tracked to ensure prompt delivery…leave the mailing to us!

Meeting Planner:
All Christian Cruises will assign a program coordinator to assist your group in the planning of on board meetings and special events for your group. Private meeting space can be arranged for your group at no charge. Meeting times and rooms will be determined in advance and provided to you in writing, so you will have a full itinerary much before the cruise sails. Additionally, All Christian Cruises will assist you in booking a recording artist, speaker, etc. if you desire.

Hotel the night before the cruise and transfers:
Many people like to arrive at the city the cruise departs from the night before the cruise. In addition to the cruise, we gladly arrange group space at hotels such as Embassy Suites or Hilton for those that desire to come into the departure city the night before the cruise. We select fine hotels that are close to the airport, so the passengers can take the complimentary shuttle from the airport to the hotel. In the morning, we have a transportation company come to the hotel to pick up the passengers and bring them as a group to the cruise terminal for boarding. On the return to the airport after the cruise, we recommend that the passengers use the shuttle provided by the cruiseline or for groups that prefer a private shuttle service, this can easily be arranged. There are minimal fees associated with these types of transportations services, and we can generally obtain a discounted group rate. Passengers can indicate when they make their reservations online or via the reservation form provided on the brochure if they want to take advantage of these additional services ie: hotel and transfers.

Early Boarding:
Your leadership will have the opportunity to board the ship a little early. Welcome desk and reception: A hospitality desk can be provided to you free of charge if you desire…this is useful in welcoming your passengers when they arrive on board the ship. Additionally, a festive welcome reception can be arranged on the day of embarkation.

All Christian Cruises On Board Rep:
If your group size consists of at least 50 passengers, All Christian Cruises will send at least one experienced representative to accompany your group (will meet the group at the airport hotel, sail with the group and assist in the coordination of all meetings on board the ship). Smaller groups do not need to worry…we make sure that all bases are covered in advance and your leaders board the ship with confidence that your group will be very well taken care of by the shipboard staff.

We are here for you every step of the way:
We are with you from start to finish to help make your cruise a blessing for everybody involved…participants, ministry staff, and even the other cruise passengers on the ships that will be able to see the light of the Lord in your group!

Passport/Visas (1)

Very important! Please read the following information regarding changes to passport requirements. These changes impact U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens. For more information, please see the U.S. State Department Website by clicking https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/travelers-with-special-considerations/cruise-ship-passengers.html
Another site that offers some excellent and up to date information is the following – https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/74/~/documents-needed-to-take-a-cruise for passport information. Expired passports are not acceptable.

Please call us at 888-435-3787 if you have any questions regarding the requirements. If you are a citizen of a country outside the United States, please check with the consulate from your home city to find out the requirements for the specific ports of call on your itinerary.


U.S. and Canadian citizens:
Air Travel:
As of January 23, 2007, with the implementation of the first phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), all persons, including citizens of the United States, traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda will be required to have and carry a valid passport or WHTI-compliant document to enter or re-enter the United States by air. This requirement impacts our Canadian guests that travel by air to or from any of our U.S. embarkation ports.

We recommend that all guests travel with a valid passport during their cruise. This will enable guests to fly from the U.S. to meet their ship at the first port should they miss their scheduled embarkation and allow guests that must disembark the ship before their cruise ends due to an emergency to fly back to the U.S without significant delays and complications.

Land and Sea Travel:
Beginning on June 1, 2009, with the implementation of the final phase of the WHTI, in addition to the passport/WHTI-compliant document requirement for air travel, all persons, including citizens of the United States, traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda will be required to have and carry a valid passport or WHTI-compliant document to enter or re-enter the United States by land or sea.

For more information, please see the www.travel.state.gov/passport or call the National Passport Information Center toll free at 1-877-487-2778 or TDD/TYY at 1-888-874-7793. Prior to June 1, 2009, the final implementation date, U.S. and Canadian citizens may travel without a passport on itineraries that do not require re-entry to the U.S. by air. In these cases, all U.S. and Canadian citizens must carry the following documents as proof of citizenship for travel within the western hemisphere countries listed above: 1) picture identification issued by an official government agency AND an original or certified copy of birth certificate from the state or province of your birth; or 2) picture identification issued by an official government agency AND a U.S. or Canadian Naturalization Certificate.
For travel outside of the western hemisphere countries U.S. and Canadian citizens must have and carry a passport valid for six months beyond the duration of the cruise.

Non-U.S. or -Canadian citizens:
You must have and carry a passport valid for six months beyond the duration of the cruise. Please carefully verify the existing identification requirements for your particular travel situation. In addition, non-U.S. citizens who have previously been admitted to the United States for permanent residence must carry their Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), commonly known as a Green Card. Resident aliens not in possession of this must obtain one at the nearest office of the U.S. Immigration Service.

Visas: Some countries require that you obtain official authorization (called a visa) before entering the country. Usually a fee is required. You are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas. If you do not hold proper visa documents, you could be denied boarding without compensation.

NEW Visa Waiver Program Requirements:
Please visit the US Department of State’s Visa Program Waiver page for complete details.


Effective June 26, 2005, travelers from the 27 countries participating in the United States’ Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must have a machine-readable passport to enter the United States. If you are in possession of a passport issued by any of the 27 countries listed below, please contact the passport issuing authority to ensure that you are in possession of a machine-readable passport.

The 27 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program include: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Additional information regarding the Visa Waiver Program is available online at www.dhs.gov

Please note that boarding may be denied to travelers from VWP countries that do not have machine-readable passports.

Category: Passport/Visas

Safety and Security (2)

The cruiselines try to avoid operating any ship in the vicinity of a tropical system and they will monitor the progress of these storms very closely. If there is potential threat to any of the guests or ships, the itinerary may be altered to try to avoid any interaction with the storm or any affected areas. If a cruise is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, the passengers are provided with a credit toward a future sailing.

During the past two decades, North American cruise lines have maintained the best safety record in the travel industry, and safety standards on cruise ships are stricter and more consistent than in any other segment of the travel industry.

A cruise ship is comparable to a secure building with round-the-clock security. Since cruise ships operate in a strictly controlled environment, access can be tightly regulated. Every person on board, including passengers and crewmembers, is placed on an official manifest and may leave or enter the ship only after passing through strict security measures.

In the aftermath of the terrorism attacks of September 11, 2001, in December 2002 SOLAS was amended and the International Ship Security and Port Faculty Code was enacted with an effective date of July 1, 2004 for implementation. Security measures already in place by the cruiselines we have chosen for our passengers meet or exceed the requirements of the Code; and the cruiselines continually review and enhance security procedures to ensure the safest possible travel environment.

Also, please keep in mind that all of the voyages offered by All Christian Cruises are bathed in much prayer. We know from scripture that God is our ultimate provider and protector (Psalm 91). Please tell me about embarkation. What time do I need to arrive at the pier? Should I arrive the night prior to the cruise?

Boarding the ship generally begins 4 to 5 hours prior to the sailing time indicated on your cruise ticket. You are going on a cruise to unwind, so the last thing you want is to be rushed. Sometimes people experience traffic or flight delays, and that is why we recommend to those planning to arrive the day of the cruise to take a morning flight out (preferably the first flight of the day) and for those who are driving to get an early start as well. We think it is best to arrive at the cruise terminal by noon, because lunch is provided when you get onboard and getting an early start will make your trip more enjoyable. Reservations for the cruise will be held approximately one hour prior to departure without risk of automatic cancellation. Please don’t cut it that close though.

We always reserve group space at a hotel near the airport of the departure city (specific hotel varies for each cruise but it is generally a Holiday Inn or one of the Hilton family hotels such as Hilton or Embassy Suites), and do our best to negotiate the best group rates possible. Those who plan to arrive the day prior to sailing and stay with the group at a hotel will receive a letter from the group leaders upon check-in reminding you the exact time to meet in the lobby the day of the cruise. A shuttle will bring the group to the cruise terminal. There is generally a modest fee for the shuttle.

Tips (2)

Many of you are first time cruisers, so we wanted to provide you with lots of details. After your first couple cruises, you will be the expert and can give us advice as to what else to include.

On the first day…
For the first day of your cruise, pack a small carry-on bag with your travel documents, a change of clothes, bathing suit, workout clothes, and any medications you may need. That way you don’t have to wait for your checked bags to arrive in your stateroom.

Onboard attire…
Shorts, t-shirts, slacks, trousers, casual skirts, blouses and sundresses are all perfect during the day, whether indoors or out.

For lounging by the pool, pack two bathing suits (an extra suit in case the other is wet) and a pair of casual shoes (e.g., flip-flops, sandals, sneakers). You’ll also need some casual shorts and a couple of t-shirts or a cover-up for getting to and from the pool areas.

If you’re planning to visit the onboard fitness center, be sure to bring extra shorts, t-shirts and socks that you won’t mind working out in – plus a pair of tennis or running shoes/sneakers.

Dinner attire…
Meals in the main dining room generally follow this schedule:

Cruise Length Casual Smart Casual Formal
3-Night 2 0 1
4-Night 3 0 1
5-Night 3 1 1
6-Night 3 1 2
7-Night 4 1 2




Suggested guidelines for these nights are:
Casual: Sport shirts and slacks for men(khakis are great); casual dresses or pants for women (generally jeans and/or shorts are frowned upon in the main dining room, but if totally casual is your thing, there are alternative dining options where you can certainly wear shorts and t’s.
Smart Casual: Jackets and ties for men, dresses or pantsuits for women
Formal: Suits and ties or tuxedos (you can rent a tux onboard or even make arrangements with the cruiseline before you go if you like) for men, cocktail dresses for women – if you have a fancy dress you wore years ago to a wedding, for example, but have not had another formal affair to wear it again…this is your time to take out that dress and look your best!

For fun… There are four very important types of books you’ll want to consider packing:


  • Your bible (don’t leave home without it!)
  • Poolside pleasures – nothing beats a great read in the sun
  • Journal – keep an account of your adventure for sharing and reminiscing
  • Address book – send your friends a postcard to make them smile and add new friends to your book whom you have gotten to know on the cruise


Binoculars are another often forgotten, yet indispensable travel item (especially on the Alaska cruises). Be sure to pack a pair for magnified excitement onboard and onshore.

Onshore attire…
You’ll need comfortable walking shoes, as well as a hat and sunscreen for protection from the sun. If you are going to Alaska, remember to bring some warmer clothes and layer them, so warm or cool, you will be prepared.

Be sure to also bring:


  • A lightweight, waterproof coat or jacket, as well as a sweater or warm vest for strolling the decks of the ship and for glacier viewing
  • A warm hat and gloves
  • Women may want to bring two or three pairs of washable slacks or jeans (combined with polo shirts, blouses or light sweaters and accessorized with a belt, scarf or jewelry this basic outfit can be worn just about anywhere. Depending on weather and occasion, add a blazer, cardigan or windbreaker jacket)
  • Men may want to add an extra pair of slacks, but they’ll find that the same basic dress theme works for them, too.
  • Sturdy walking shoes for every day use (two pairs are suggested) both leather, to stand up to rain if necessary, and a pair with a good arch support
  • One or two pairs of dress shoes to accompany your dinner outfit


What Not To Pack
For your safety, the following items are not allowed onboard and will be confiscated upon being found:


  • Electrical Transformers

Coffee Makers

  • Candles
  • Irons (some ships have a laundry room with an iron for guests to share but all ships offer dry cleaning and laundry services for a moderate fee)
  • Flammable Liquids and Explosives, such as fireworks.

For security purposes, we also recommend not packing any valuables (such as jewelry) in your checked luggage.


Category: Tips

Some of our sailings include prepaid gratuities, so check to see if this applies to the sailing you have registered for, because you may have already paid for the tips! If gratuities have not been prepaid, they will be charged automatically to your onboard account, and you have the option to reverse these charges if you feel this amount needs to be adjusted.

Categories: Money, Tips

Transportation (2)

If you arrive the day of the cruise, your Cruise Line representative will greet you at the baggage claim area and guide you to the ground transportation which will take you to the port.Shuttle service is offered by each cruise line for a modest fee and this may be prepaid or paid on the day of embarkation or you are welcome to take a taxi or another service such as uber to the cruise terminal. At the pier, porters will take your luggage from the curbside, and it will be delivered to your cabin. Be sure to put luggage tags (provided by the cruiseline) on each piece of luggage.

Tipping is at your discretion, however, as a guideline $1 per bag is customary.


Category: Transportation

Cruise lines usually offer both a cruise-only price and an AIR/SEA price that includes connecting airfare, transfers between the airport and ship and baggage handling. In some instances, only the cruise-only fare is available. The prices shown on our site are typically cruise-only, but we can provide an air-inclusive price if requested. Truthfully, you should be able to get the best flight deals on your own via the internet. If you need help “surfing” we will gladly assist you with this as well. We offer pre-cruise hotel options for those who want to arrive the day before the cruise.

Category: Transportation

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