In 2020, travel was limited to our imaginations!

Pretty soon, all those dream vacations and digital get-a-ways will become a reality.

At All Christian Cruises we understand this “cabin fever” and are prepared to be your travel partner for the limitless adventures in your foreseeable future.

We took this downtime to hone our destination offerings and build our customer service techniques. Our drive for 100% customer satisfaction and customer first approach, allowed us to strengthen our partnerships with a renewed focus.

Our commitment to safety has taken on a whole new meaning. Royal Caribbean, our primary cruise industry partner, is absolutely dedicated to your safety as well. They have established a team of the best minds and leaders in public health, bio security, epidemiology, hospitality, and maritime operations.
As they prepare for their return to service, this diverse team has been enlisted to develop recommendations and guide Royal Caribbean forward with unprecedented standards in response to COVID-19.

Their combined expertise will help reinforce current safety procedures onboard the ships, create new ones and ensure an optimal vacation experience.

The questions now become, where should you go first and when? The Caribbean, Alaska, the Middle East…somewhere warm or somewhere cool, we thought of the possibilities and have destinations to suit your mood.

We are currently offering cruises starting in May, 2021 with a multitude of destinations for you to choose from. If your church or organization is ready to start planning a retreat or conference in the second half of 2021 or into 2022, please let us know and we will gladly help assist you in the planning. The benefits of hosting events on a cruise are endless.

Contact us today for more information or simply visit and book your next adventure