At All Christian Cruises, we pray that you have remained healthy, safe, and optimistic that each day that passes, is another day closer to a more regular day-to-day. While this is like nothing any of us have ever experienced, we continue to evaluate how it impacts our upcoming sailings and our return to service. We have rescheduled all our 2020 cruises to 2021 and have closely aligned ourselves with Royal Caribbean whose commitment to passenger safety is unparalleled. Royal Caribbean is currently laser-focused on additional safety enhancements for their return to service. To develop their future boarding screening process and updated health protocols, they are collaborating with government health authorities, the Cruise Lines International Association, and their own team of medical experts. These processes and protocols are not yet finalized, but when they are, we will be sure to let you know via e-mail.

While we understand that some of you are not ready to start planning vacations yet and we support you, others have expressed their desire to sail AS SOON AS THE SHIPS ARE READY TO LEAVE PORT.

Since our group cruises are all set for 2021, you can take the time to review our current schedule and book your trip at your leisure. Royal Caribbean has created a cruise with confidence guarantee which allows our guests who reserve their cruise on or before August 1, 2020 to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours before your sail date and receive a Future Cruise Credit. The credit can be used toward any cruise that sets sail through December 31, 2021, or 12 months past the date of your cancelled sailing — whichever is further. Additionally, our long-standing policy allows cancellations up to the final payment deadline with only a $25 penalty.

Are you looking for new experiences? Maybe something outside? Do you prefer bathing suits or winter coats? Consider something just outside your comfort zone, even if your milieu is a hammock on the beach.

All Christian Cruises has a cruise for you! The Bahamas or Alaska, Italy or the Caribbean. Stop by today and browse our cruises.

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  • Turn your phone on airplane mode when you board the ship:
    • This way it won’t use up data (but can still connect to wi-fi). It’s the simplest way to make sure there are no bad surprises when you get your next phone bill.
  • Don’t buy souvenirs on the first day Wait until later in the voyage as they may go on sale

Bring comfortable shoes for onshore excursions. Ladies, that way you can wear your heels at night if you like😊