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Hosting a Conference Onboard a Cruise
Most churches and/or ministries host conferences or retreats from time to time and some even on an annual basis. Have you ever thought about using a cruise ship as your venue? If you think it is too expensive, think again. There is no fee for meeting space or the use of audio visual equipment onboard.
Depending on your needs, there may be a small fee for a sound tech, but that's all (small change to this sentence). Additionally, benefits are given to pastors and/or group leaders including sailing for free (based on a minimum number of cabins booked) and All Christian Cruises will donate a $ amount for each cabin booked to your ministry. Some groups also choose to add a conference fee to the selling price to earn additional fundraising dollars.
We can handle groups as small as 16 (minimum group size is 8 cabins) and as large as 500++. We take care of all of the logistics so you don't have to. We will take reservations for you, give you web exposure, handle the payments and even send a rep(s) on the ship to help take care of your group

So, if you are interested in sailing for free (or enabling your pastor to sail for free), earning fundraising dollars and blessing your members with a vacation of a lifetime, please fill out this simple form and one of our meeting planners will get back in touch with you in a jiffy:
1. What destination do you want to visit?
Preferfered Destination
2nd Choice (optional)
3rd Choice (optional)
2. What is your preferred departure port?
With a multitude of ports to choose from, you can explore any corner of the world, from the fjords of Alaska to the waterfalls of Hawaii. You can find a cruise vacation departing from a port near you, or decide on a port by choosing exciting regions you've always wanted to see.
Preferred Departure
2nd Choice (optional)
3rd Choice (optional)
3. When do you want to travel?
If there is a specific week within any of the above months you are restricted to, please let us know. Sometimes flexibility enables us to search for the best pricing, but we do understand that at times, groups have a particular week they must travel. We will meet your needs!
Preferfered Travel Date (i.e June 2012)  
2nd Choice (optional)
3rd Choice (optional)
4. How long do you want to be on the cruise?
Some destinations determine the length of the cruise, and we will let you know if you picked a longer or shorter duration than your preferred destination allows. For now, just tell us your preferences.
Now we just need to know a little bit about your ministry.
5. Ministry Name *
6. Ministry Website (if available)
7. Contact Person *
8. Contact Phone number:
9. Contact E-Mail *
10. Do you prefer to be contacted during the daytime or evening?
11. Approximately how many people do you expect will be traveling with your group? 
12. Is your cruise directed to:
13. Comments/Extra Information: *
You select the date, tell us where you want to go and give us an approximate budget for your group. We will go to work to prepare a proposal for you including the cruiseline and ship recommended for your group along with pricing info, deposit deadlines, and cancellation terms.
Please note that we understand that there are fees involved in putting together any retreat or conference. All Christian Cruises gives you a little head start by providing you $25 - $50 per cabin booked (varies depending on the length of the sailing), and many groups will add a conference fee to the selling price or add a dollar amount to price we quote them.
When you host a conference or retreat onboard a cruise, you are giving your guests a whole lot more than an ordinary cruise – you are giving them spiritual enrichment and refreshment while and are choosing to do it in one of the most relaxing settings around.
Once you decide you want to move forward we will help you from start to finish in the following way:
All Christian Cruises can provide you with a PDF file containing the information about your cruise including info about the cruiseship, ports of call, ministry (that you provide for us to include on the brochure) and a reservation form to be copied onto an 8 ½ X 11 or 11 X 17 4 color shell provided by the cruiseline of your choice.
We will e-mail the file to you for your approval and have multiple shells mailed directly to you, so you can make as many copies as you desire.
Your cruise passengers can call our toll free number and/or register and pay for their cruise online through our website and secure server.
Your cruise can be added to All Christian Cruises' website ( identifying the cruise as one that is sponsored by your church with your church name in the title if you desire. Our website averages close to 200,000 hits per month and thankfully we are growing.
It is very possible that you will obtain additional reservations simply due to our presence on the web. You will still receive $50 per cabin if you are promoting a 7 - 9 day cruise or $25 per cabin for a 3 - 5 day cruise and the additional reservations coming from the website would increase the number of free sailings given to the church.
We give you 1 free cabin for every 15 cabins booked (excluding taxes and port charges), so if 20 cabins are booked by your church members and friends, and 10 cabins are booked by those that have found your cruise through our website, you will earn 2 free cabins (excluding taxes and port charges) and $1500 (if it is a 7 sailing). Your church members and friends can get information about your cruise and register online via our website with a url that is customized for you ie: This way your church members and friends can go right to the site with all the details describing your cruise, and they can register online through this site as well.
All Christian Cruises will provide you with canvas welcome bags for your participants which will include name badge with lanyard and holder for sail and sign card, pen, and t-shirt, (the t-shirt will be custom designed for this cruise and the and pen will say the name of your church/organization or indicate the theme name of your cruise)
All Christian Cruises will provide your passengers with a confirmation sent via e-mail or through the US postal service if an e-mail address is not provided Mailing Cruise Documents: All Christian Cruises will mail cruise documents to your passengers via express service so they can be easily tracked to ensure prompt delivery...leave the mailing to us!
All Christian Cruises will assign a program coordinator to assist your group in the planning of on board meetings and special events for your group. Private meeting space can be arranged for your group at no charge. Meeting times and rooms will be determined in advance and provided to you in writing, so you will have a full itinerary much before the cruise sails. Additionally, All Christian Cruises will assist you in booking a recording artist, speaker, etc. if you desire
Hotel the night before the cruise and transfers.
Many people like to arrive at the city the cruise departs from the night before the cruise. In addition to the cruise, we gladly arrange group space at hotels such as Embassy Suites or Hilton for those that desire to come into the departure city the night before the cruise. We select fine hotels that are close to the airport, so the passengers can take the complimentary shuttle from the airport to the hotel. In the morning, we have a transportation company come to the hotel to pick up the passengers and bring them as a group to the cruise terminal for boarding. On the return to the airport after the cruise, we recommend that the passengers use the shuttle provided by the cruiseline or for groups that prefer a private shuttle service, this can easily be arranged. There are minimal fees associated with these types of transportations services, and we can generally obtain a discounted group rate. Passengers can indicate when they make their reservations online or via the reservation form provided on the brochure if they want to take advantage of these additional services ie: hotel and transfers.
Your leadership will have the opportunity to board the ship early in order to meet with the shipboard staff to review all meeting rooms that you will be using on board the ship. Welcome desk and reception: A hospitality desk can be provided to you free of charge if you desire...this is useful in welcoming your passengers when they arrive on board the ship. Additionally, a festive welcome reception can be arranged on the day of embarkation.
If your group size consists of at least 75 passengers, All Christian Cruises will send at least one experienced representative to accompany your group (will meet the group at the airport hotel, sail with the group and assist in the coordination of all meetings on board the ship). Smaller groups do not need to worry...we make sure that all bases are covered in advance and your leaders board the ship with confidence that your group will be very well taken care of by the shipboard staff.
We are here for you every step of the way
We are with you from start to finish to help make your cruise a blessing for everybody involved...participants, ministry staff, and even the other cruise passengers on the ships that will be able to see the light of the Lord in your group!
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