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S. Goff Lake Placid, NY

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an absolutely wonderful cruise! Sharron & Lori did an excellent job of making sure everybody was comfortable on the cruise while James did a great job with the teachings of the Prayer of Jabez. Even as I write this now I know that no words could possibly describe the life changing experience I've had while on this cruise. I've returned home revived both spiritually and physically and ready to walk closer with the Lord.
Thanks again and God Bless You all!

M. Mayo Phoenix, AZ
Thanks for making my first cruise such a great time.
G. Mattiucci Philadelphia, PA
The Christian Singles Cruise with Margaret Becker was a wonderful experience. I will never forget it.
T. Cohen Marietta, Georgia

I'm back in reality now and thought this would be the best time to thank you for a truly life altering experience. I am so glad I was able to be on the cruise to receive what G-d had in store for me. I expected the obvious, but was not expecting the gifts I received. The fun, fantastic food, friendly staff, fabulous entertainment was only a small part, to be topped off by wonderful fellowship during a Spirit filled week. I have done nothing but rave about my experience on the Bless the Heart of G-d Cruise to the Caribbean to all I have come in contact with. I am looking forward to the next trip you put together.

Marty & Christina S. Coral Springs, FL
The last cruise we were on was sooooooo WONDERFUL. Thank U All Christian Cruises, you did a SUPER job. G-D Bless you always, All-ways.
K. Turner Chicago, IL
Janice and I just wanted to thank you for all you did to help make our first cruise so wonderful.
S. Vaughan Dallas, TX

You did a wonderful job coordinating the trip for us all. The middle cabin that you selected for my mother and me was perfect. We loved opening our door to the hall where we could see everyone, as well as have easy access to the elevators and stairs. What a lovely ship!

K. Sunde Medina, OH
We had a great time on the Bibleman cruise with you all. Thanks for all you did to make it possible.

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