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N. Slappey Asheville, NC
Thanks for everything you did to make our cruise wonderful. Margaret Becker was awesome. Her testimony as well as her music were inspiring. I hope she will be a regular part of this event.
R. Beamer Newport News, VA
I just wanted to send you our appreciation for your work in organizing a fun trip for us! We had a blast! Jordan wants to know when are we going to go on the Bibleman cruise again!!
A. Mendrin California

Well, it's been over a month since we all left the Zaandam. I've been
meaning to write and tell you what a great time I had. And actually, not
just me. We ALL had a GREAT time!!!!!!! I just don't know how to put
into words what it was like for me. Everyone in our group was truly
incredible. Very friendly and outgoing. I made so many new friends, and
am still keeping in touch with several. And shortly after the first of
the year, a few of us are planning to get together again. Can't tell ya
how I'm looking forward to that! :o))))))

Thank you again for all your help in putting that trip together for all of
us. It was truly a blessing to be on that trip!

Rebecca Arizona
All Christian Cruises was very well organized and very professional. Touring together as a group was great - no complaints. I appreciated the communication as we were getting closer to the departure day. I will be using your services again
Rebecca Pennsylvania
Thank you for your personal touches. We felt very cared for
Laura Louisiana
I would love to have a reunion. I made such great friends. I love them all and want to take them home with me!
Richard Ohio
What an experience this trip was! Thank you for such a healing experience of nourishment and refreshment!You all rock
Jeanine Maryland
Thanks to all who worked hard to make this cruise happen. It was wonderful; I can't put into words how blessed I was body and soul.

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