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G. & R. Andersen Union Dale, PA

Dear All Christian Cruises,
This was our first and best cruise! Thank you ALL CHRISTIAN CRUISES for a refreshing vacation! From pre-boarding to disembarkation, the time was BLESSED! The speakers were skilled, and the worship was wonderful! Their presentations not only taught but imparted their hearts to us. Our BLESS ISRAEL'S BELIEVERS CRUISE (to the Western Caribbean) was full of learning, laughter and love! The teachings were nourishing and the food was just as rich! Whether dancing or relaxing, we met fellow believers whose friendships we have continued to nourish. The staff on the ship as well as our group leaders treated us like royalty and whole experience was one in a lifetime! We were blessed, as we helped bless Israel!

R. Persaud Ontario, Canada

Dear All Christian Cruises,
Just wanted to say Thank you for all your help. I really did enjoy myself on the cruise. I will definitely do this again. We met the most wonderful people. Mark and Melissa were a delight. Your customer service goes beyond the call of duty. Keep up the good work.
God Bless,

S. J. Vail Naples, Florida

Just returning and adjusting to life back on shore! WOW! What a cruise! I am self-employed and this was my first vacation in over 3 years, what a total blessing from God! A relaxing vacation traveling through paradise, more food than you could ever imagine, fantastic fellowship with other Christians and praising God! What more could you possibly need from a vacation? Just a quick note to let you know I was completely pleased with all, this was not my first cruise, just my first Christian cruise and let me tell you, what a difference God can make!

The most impactful portion of the cruise without a doubt was the praise and worship led by Mark & Melissa!!!!!!!!!! These two are truly annointed and are living out their true calling. Each day was different and Mark & Melissa were open with their personal experiences as well as helpful in leading all services, their relationship with one another as well as with Christ is one that all singles on the cruise should pray to follow. I was fortunate to spend personal time with these two off of the ship and I am a big believer that anyone can be "holy" in a room full of Christians, but it is how our hearts are and how we conduct ourselves in the "outside" world that truly shows how much God is in out lives. These two are true to their calling and can say without hesitation "follow us as we follow Christ." I was blessed with their time as well as their talents and know that they would be a Godly addition to any and all future cruises.
In Him,

D. Gordon Meeker, Oklahoma

Thank you all Christian Cruises for the vacation of a lifetime. The 2003 Christian Singles cruise was amazing. I met so many wonderful CHRISTIAN people, whom I will continue to keep in contact with. Sharron, Lori, James and all the band guys were all incredible. I tip my hat to all of you!! I came home spiritually refreshed and on fire for the Lord. Thanks to all of you that had a part in that!! I look forward to sailing with you again VERY SOON!!

R. Ramos New Rochelle, NY

Words cannot explain what a wonderful refreshing vacation I had. I had
drifted quite far from my savior and this cruise served to remind me of how
much I had missed Him. I have since studied "Secrets of the Vine" and am
learning to abide close to that vine.


M. Chung Los Angeles, California

I wish to let you know that I had had a great time on the Carnival, Paradise. It was one of the best cruises that I had ever taken and I absolutely loved the non-smoking environment on the ship.

Pastor James Brummett and the band were awesome. His teachings were powerful and invaluable. I had an inspirational, memorable and spiritually-filled week. The couple of emotionally-charged group gatherings drew us even closer to God and with one another, and they were the climaxes of the seminar.

Ray Walker, our MC, was successful in breaking the ice for all the attendees at the very first meeting. After that, we all bonded and many of us became very close. I shall cherish the friendship I had made during this cruise and hope to stay in touch with many of them, so that one day we can have a re-union on another non-smoking ship in the West Coast.

Sharon and Lori were also great and looked after us real well. There was not a hitch during this cruise and the weather was perfect. It was a perfect vacation!

Linda A. Palm City, FL

I had a wonderful time on the cruise. Best vacation I have ever had because of the Lord blessing me with Christian friends, a great Bible study and a most wonderful relaxing time with a terrific roommate to beat. Please consider me for next summers cruise. Again, thank you for coordinating a great masterpiece of a time.

Love and Prayers,

J. Deems Alpharetta, GA

I just wanted to tell you what an awesome week the cruise was!!! I had a head cold the entire time, but could not have had a better experience! God definatly had His hand on us the whole time. James was an awesome teacher and incredible things happened over the week.

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